The Drive - Vancouver
Gay Friendly Guide to Commercial Drive Vancouver
Commercial Drive is a neighbourhood in East Vancouver.

"The Drive" may not be pretty, but it has real personality - and is a must visit!

Formerly a shabby neighbourhood, "The Drive" is now a thriving area - with hundreds of  
interesting shops, ethnic and vegetarian restaurants, cafes, bars, and other businesses.

Most of the businesses here are small and unique - and many of them are lesbian-owned.

There is a powerful, confident lesbian presence here - but everybody is welcome!

The Drive is known for its street-festivals - including the famous "Dyke March" in August.

Commercial Drive itself has been "gentrified" by the great people who live and work here.
It is a wonderful place to visit, to shop, to eat and to socialise. And it is generally safe.

However, this part of the city, Downtown East, can be dangerous - especially at night.
Our advice is to stick to Commercial Drive and not to wander off into neighbouring areas.
Be especially careful in the East Hastings area at the northern end of The Drive.
And if you want to party late into the night - do it in the more up-market Davie Village.
Gay-Friendly Hotels in Vancouver
The booking agencies will tell you that every hotel in on their lists is gay-friendly. But this is not the case.
Vancouver is a very gay-friendly city - but not EVERY hotel is gay-welcoming.

For genuinely gay-welcoming accommodation, we RECOMMEND these hotels