Vancouver Gay Village
Gay Guide to Davie Village Vancouver
Best Gay bars in Vancouver
Numbers - Vancouver's oldest (and possibly best) gay club.
Score on Davie - Nice gay sports bar.
The PumpJack Pub - Denim & leather crowd. Nice atmosphere.
1181 - Stylish, trendy lounge bar - not cheap.

Saunas & Bathhouses
Steamworks Vancouver - Very steamy in every way.
F212 Steam Vancouver - Full service gay bathhouse. Open all night.
Davie Village is a neighbourhood in the West End of Vancouver.

Although much of Vancouver is totally gay-friendly, Davie Street and the area between
Burrard Street and Jervis street is where most of the exclusively gay action is.

You will know for sure when you have found The Village.
All of the lamp-posts have gay-pride banners flying from them.

Also, lots of businesses and homes fly rainbow flags as a symbol of gay pride, and many
of the bus stops and other fixtures along Davie Street are painted bright pink.

Davie Village has a good variety of shops, restaurants, hotels bars, and other
businesses, specifically catering to GLBT customers.

This area also has a very high concentration of gay residents.

Davie Village is also home to Qmunity (formerly the Gay and Lesbian Centre) which
provides all kinds of services to the city's GLBT residents.

The Vancouver Pride Festival (end of July - beginning August) is one of the biggest in
North America. The Gay Pride Parade starts at mid-day in the heart of downtown at
Robson and Thurlow, then follows Denman Street to Pacific and Beach Avenue and
finishes at the Sunset Beach Festival Site.

Davie Village hosts its own Pride Party in conjunction with the Gay Pride Parade.
Sections of Davie street are closed to traffic, and the party goes on all night.
Gay-Friendly Hotels in Vancouver
The booking agencies will tell you that every hotel in on their lists is gay-friendly. But this is not the case.
Vancouver is a very gay-friendly city - but not EVERY hotel is gay-welcoming.

For genuinely gay-welcoming accommodation, we RECOMMEND these hotels