Gay Friendly Travel Guide to Toronto
Toronto is a magnificent, vibrant, exciting city that should be on ANY traveller's must-visit list.
And if you happen to be gay - Toronto should be at, or very nearly at, the top of your list.

The city of Toronto welcomes gay visitors.
We can explore and enjoy this beautiful city openly as gay men and women.
So, please, please, please, don't just come here for the gay scenes,
Come here to feel a freedom that very few cities in the world can offer us - the freedom to be ourselves.
Toronto has a great deal to offer - and it's there for all of us - so make the most of it!
And enjoy the fabulous gay villages too!

Toronto has two gay villages.
The world renowned
Church Wellesley Gay Village, where you will find fantastic gay nightlife, gay bookstores, gay hotels, gay
theater and countless gay and lesbian bars and restaurants.

And the area known as
Queer West.
There has been a substantial gay presence in west Toronto for a long time, with gay men and women sharing the bars and
restaurants with the rest of the community, but Queer West has recently established itself as a true gay travel venue.
Best Gay bars in Toronto
Byzantium - Very trendy French retro lounge bar.
Woody's - Huge place with five bars lots of action.
Black Eagle - Cruise bar. Mostly leather.
Fly Nightclub - Very popular club. Magnificent parties!
Crews & Tangos - Great fun club with hilarious drag shows.
Church on Church - Nice bar on Church Street - Great atmosphere.

Saunas & Bathhouses
Steamworks - Full service gym/bathhouse
The Cellar - Anything goes bathhouse. Not easy to find - no sign outside!
   Find it at 78 Wellesley St. East - down the dark staircase!
Urge - Sex club. video rooms, darkrooms, mazes, and more!
Other gay(ish) neighbourhoods in Toronto. These areas are not gay villages, but they all have a strong gay presence.

Danforth is home to lots of gay and lesbian couples, and boasts several gay-owned businesses.
College Street - aka Little Italy has a tolerant cosmopolitan atmosphere with excellent restaurants and bars.
Leslieville is being hailed as the next happening place. It has an artistic atmosphere, with some cool restaurants and shops.
Gay Friendly Accommodation in Toronto
When choosing a place to stay in Toronto, don't believe everything the booking-agencies and accommodation listing sites tell you!
Many of them are listing just about any accommodation that declares itself "Gay-Friendly"
A lot of hotels listed by these sites are nothing like gay-friendly - they are just trying to cash in on the pink dollar!

For truly gay-welcoming accommodation in Toronto, you can trust our recommendations
We KNOW that our choices are gay-welcoming -
because we have stayed there ourselves, or because they were recommended to us by people we know and trust.
Gay-Friendly Hotels in Toronto?
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