Gay Friendly Travel Guide to Pacific Ocean Islands
The Pacific offers island paradise after island paradise  but not all of them are queer tropical heaven.
Homosexuality is illegal in several Pacific states, while in others it is heavily frowned upon and the natives can be extremely hostile.
These are our favourite Gay Friendly Pacific Islands.
Hawaii is a tourist dream - something for
everyone. The hub of the gay community is in
Honolulu, but the islands of Maui and Lanai
have plenty of gay-owned guest-houses...
gay friendly guide to hawaii
Bora Bora is the quintessential island
paradise. And luckily for us, it is one of the
most gay-friendly destinatoins in the Pacific.
Bora Bora really is paradise-found...
gay-friendly guide to bora bora
Tahiti is gorgeous, and the government has
recently (2010) started to encourage gay
tourism. This is quite clearly because they
want our money more than our company -
but who cares!  
gay friendly guide to tahiti
Vanuatu is one of the most gay-friendly
destinations in the south Pacific - boasting
several adult-only resorts where same-sex
couples are more than welcome...
gay friendly guide to vanautu
Samoa is a very, conservative, religious
place - so not exactly gay-welcoming. But the
people here are more open-minded than
you'll find in most other Pacific islands...
gay friendly guide to samoa
Cook Islands - not generally considered to
be a gay destination - but the people here
are very open-minded about sex -  all kinds
of sex - so gay tourists have nothing to fear.
gay friendly guide to cook islands