Gay Friendly Travel Guide to Montreal
Why should gay men and women visit Montreal?

Montreal is a major destination for LGBT tourists; with one of the largest gay villages in the world.
The Village (or Le Village) is the focus of Montreal's gay scene, with countless restaurants, shops, bars, nightclubs and cafes.
Sainte-Catherine Street is the main street here, with a great choice of gay establishments.
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Montreal offers lots of gay-friendly hotels within easy distance of the Gay Village.
The scene here is totally open, and the laws here are very liberal. Pretty much anything goes in Montreal's Le Village.

But don't come here just for the gay scene!
One of the great things about Montreal (and most major cities in Canada) is its welcoming attitude to gay men and women.
We can enjoy this beautiful city openly - with no feeling that we need to hide who or what we are. Montreal totally accepts us.
For American, Australasian and B
ritish visitors, Montreal - with its French flavor - offers a fascinating change of culture.
And the feeling of being accepted and welcomed by just about everybody is wonderful - the kind of freedom that many of us have never experienced.

Gay Friendly Guide is a travel site. We believe in travel.
For us, travel is a life-enhancing experience - and everybody (gay and straight) should be able to enjoy it.
Right now, gay men and women tend to travel from gay scene to gay scene - staying within their comfort zone.
There is nothing wrong with this - but there is so much more to see and do and experience in our world.
It can be scary to step out of our comfort zone, but Montreal - with its gay-welcoming attitude - is a great place to start.

The Old Town is a joy.
And Downtown is great! -
nd the fact that gay men and women can explore and enjoy them openly, makes them really special.

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When looking for places to stay in Montreal...
Don't put too much trust in the booking agencies or the general
accommodation listing sites.

Many of them are just cashing in on the pink dollar/euro/pound and are
listing any hotel that declares itself "Gay Friendly".

A lot of these hotels are nothing like gay friendly - they just want our money!

For true gay-friendly accommodation - trust our recommendations
or those of other exclusively gay websites.

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Where to Stay in Montreal?
For genuinely gay-friendly accommodation check our recommendations