Gay Friendly Guide to Manchester
Manchester may lack the sophistication of London - but it does boast a massive, vibrant and thriving gay and lesbian scene.

Canal Street - alongside the Rochdale Canal has been a meeting place for gay men and lesbians since the 1940s.
In those days they met in secret - choosing Canal Street for its seclusion and lack of passers by.

But these days Canal Street is proudly lined with gay bars, street cafes, restaurants and shops, attracting tens of thousands
of gay and lesbian visitors from all around the world.

In 1991 Manto bar opened. Manto had large glass windows, allowing the casual passer-by to view what was going on inside.
This was seen as a gay statement
"We're here, we're queer – get used to it". A refusal to remain underground and invisible.

Since then dozens of bars have opened, turning Canal Street into the centre of the most successful gay village in Europe.

It is said that there are more gay-owned businesses here than anywhere else in Europe.
gay friendly manchester canal street