Gay Friendly Guide to London
gay friendly london at night
"When a man is tired of London he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford."
Samuel Johnson said that in 1777 - and nothing has changed - especially if you are gay!

London is the world's greatest city - boasting more artists than Paris, more theatres than new York, a 2000+ year history,
fabulous museums, art galleries, and gorgeous parks; thousands of restaurants, pubs, and clubs;
more gay residents than San Francisco, and gay scenes to rival any city on the planet! Absolutely fabulous!

London is THE finest destination in the world for discerning gay & lesbian visitors - London is a class act!
There is culture and history everywhere, and the shopping is beyond your wildest dreams!

London is a sophisticated, multi-cultural, open-minded city - a place where everybody is welcome.

London doesn't have a gay-ghetto as such - there are small gay-scenes everywhere - but these are the best of them...

Soho -  a cosmopolitan collection of restaurants, shops, bars and clubs to suit all tastes - including dozens of excellent gay bars.
Soho is also one of London's primary red-light districts, and is the focus of London's sex and film industries. Soho enjoys a great
location, close to the theatre district, the fabulous shopping of The West End, and dozens of live comedy & music venues.
The main drag for gay-nightlife here is
Old Compton Street - where just about anything goes!

Vauxhall - (south of the River Thames) has very little to offer during the day.
But come nightfall Vauxhall is a genuine gay mecca - boasting scores of gay & lesbian venues, including
Area, Barcode, Chariots, Crash, The Eagle Pub, Factory, Fire, The Hoist, and the Royal Vauxhall Tavern,
as well as dozens of other venues hosting special events specifically for gay men & lesbians.
Many gay bars and clubs have taken up residence in the railway-arches beneath the line from Waterloo Station.
The best known of them is probably
Fire - a night club on Parry Street - which occupies six railway arches.
The gay scene in Vauxhall is often referred to as "Voho".