Gay Friendly Travel Guide
Devon is one of Britain's most diverse and beautiful counties.
A wonderful mix of bustling holiday resorts and remote desolate places where peace and solitude are easy to find.

Devon scenery is beyond compare -
with mile after mile of stunning beaches, quaint fishing villages, wild windswept moors, and glorious countryside.

Devon has a variety of towns and villages -
including sleepy hamlets, bustling market towns, rip-roaring beach resorts,  two major cities (Plymouth and Exeter),
and the excellent resort of
Torquay - with it's small but vibrant gay scene

The Devon climate is among the mildest in Britain - with early springs and elongated summers.
The best times to visit Devon are in spring and autumn - avoiding the school holiday crowds!

Devon is not blessed with any major gay scenes -
But it does boast a few very nice mini-scenes - you should definitely check out Torquay
And Devon is a truly wonderful place for gay couples to escape the rat-race and enjoy a romantic getaway.

There are plenty of gay-owned and genuinely gay-friendly places to stay.
And if you REALLY want be alone with your partner, nowhere has a better choice of gorgeous cottages for rent.
North Devon or South Devon?
Although they are part of the same county, North Devon and South Devon are entirely different in character.

South Devon faces the English Channel, and is far more sheltered than North Devon.
This has given rise to a fair amount of development - including several bustling holiday resorts.
There is more to do in South Devon - more pubs, more restaurants, more clubs, more attractions etc.
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North Devon faces the Atlantic Ocean. The coast here is more exposed - wilder and more spectacular.
North Devon has remained largely untouched by developers. The resorts here are smaller and have fewer facilities.
People tend to visit North Devon for the spectacular scenery, the surf, and to escape from the rat-race.
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