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North Cornwall
North Cornwall is a land of myth and legend, of mystery and romance.
The home of King Arthur and Merlin, of The Lady of The Lake, and Excalibur.

In North Cornwall you will find superb sandy
beaches; spectacular coastal scenery, and an air of tranquility - It's easy to avoid
the crowds here and find solitude.
This is the perfect place to escape the rat-race and enjoy a romantic getaway.

North Cornwall also boasts several quaint fishing
villages - all with long histories and fascinating tales to tell - mostly of
smuggling and piracy.

North Cornwall has remained almost untouched by the developers, so there is plenty of space to leave the crowds far behind
and be alone with your partner.

But if you feel the need to mingle with the holiday throngs, you can always visit the bustling towns of Bude, Wadebridge and

Truly Gay-Friendly
Our Gay Friendly Guide to North Cornwall will help you to find the best gay-owned and truly gay-friendly accommodation -
places where you will be genuinely welcomed (not just reluctantly tolerated because you have money to spend).
North Cornwall Towns
North Cornwall Highlights
Gay Friendly Guide to North Cornwall UK