Gay Friendly Travel Guide to Colombia
Colombia is a land of spectacular scenery, lovely historic towns, bustling modern cities, and TWO fabulous
coastlines - Pacific and Caribbean.
The most popular tourist destinations are Bogota - the bustling, exciting capital city; and Cartagena - a colonial
masterpiece on the Caribbean.

Cartagena de las Indias is probably the best example of a Spanish colonial city in South America.
The buildings in the old quarter are beautifully preserved. Here you can ride in a horse-draw cart, dine at
pavement cafes,  or relax in leafy Spanish plazas. Or you can top up that tan on a choice of fantastic Caribbean
beaches - don't miss the stunning
Islas Rosarios.

Gay Colombia
Colombia is also a rising star in the gay travel world - with a thriving and excellent gay scene in the capital, Bogota.
The government in Colombia is officially gay-friendly - and the Colombian people are open-minded, warm, and
In a recent poll, almost seventy percent of Bogota residents said that they support full marriage rights for
single-sex couples.

Warning: Parts of Colombia are extremely dangerous - especially rural areas in the south and along the borders
with Ecuador and Venezuela. Fighting between guerrillas, drug-traffickers, militias and state troops is rife in
southern, south-eastern and north-western Colombia. Our best advice is to stick to the main tourist areas, but if
you must wander off the beaten track, do it with a properly organised group.
Gay Bogota
Bogota is home to the third biggest gay scene in South America - after Rio and Buenos Aires.
The Zona Rosa district is great for shopping and dining - and it is close to the best gay action.

Bogota has several gay bars, saunas and clubs. The most popular and famous is the
Theatron Club,
a huge and spectacular gay mecca just north of the city centre. Theatron is spread over four floors
with a capacity of over 4000 customers - pretty impressive! Many of the other gay clubs in Bogota
fluctuate in popularity, in one month and out the next, (and some are pretty hard to find). Our best
advice is to network with other gays in the Zona Rosa area - and find out what's hot and what's not.