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Brighton is often referred to as Britain's Gay Capital - and rightly so!

Throughout its history, Brighton has been ahead of the times.
In the mid 1700s Brighton became a fashionable resort for the new health-fad of "sea-bathing",
and in with the arrival of the railway in 1841, Brighton became a popular place for day-trippers form London.

In 1980, amid much controversy, Brighton sanctioned Britain's first official nudist beach.
And Brighton is way ahead of the times when it comes to the gay community.

Brighton has always had a reputation for open-mindedness, and it was the first town in Britain to openly welcome gay visitors.

Brighton now has one of the most vibrant and exciting gay scenes in Europe and a large permanent gay population.
Most areas of Brighton are gay-friendly, but the bulk of the gay scene is centred in the Kemp Town area.

Kemp Town
East of Brighton city centre, close to Brighton Marina, Kemp Town is a wonderful gay haven - a great place to live and to visit.
Often referred to as "The Gay Village" Kemp Town is a mix of restaurants, pubs, shops, hotels, clubs, and much more.
Kemp Town has a real gay village atmosphere, and it's hard to think of any town in Europe where gay men and women feel more at home.
There are dozens of gay-friendly places to stay, a fantastic choice of eateries, and fabulous pubs and clubs. A must visit!

There is plenty to do in the rest of Brighton too. These are our favourites
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