Gay Friendly Travel Guide to Brazil
Brazil is the biggest and most diverse country in South America -  it borders every other country of the continent
except Chile and Ecuador.
This is the land of the Amazon River, the rain- forest, fantastic beaches, great soccer players, and the most vibrant
carnivals on the planet.
It is also a land of tremendous cultural contrasts - where immense wealth lives side by side with abject poverty.

Brazil is tolerant of homosexuality and gay scenes exists in most of the major cities.
The best gay scenes are in
Rio and Sao Paulo - where you will find many gay bars, clubs and saunas.
There is a world-famous gay section on Ipanema beach in Rio, and In 2005 Sao Paulo hosted a gay pride event
with two million marchers!

Sao Paulo is great during pride week - but the rest of the year it can't hold a candle to Rio.

Warning: Due to the extreme poverty in parts of Rio, crime is rife here.
And crime against tourists is well organised - so be careful.
Don't wander around like some idiot tourist begging to be mugged! Conceal your valuables at all times.
Never invite strangers into your hotel room. And never accept invitations from strangers to anywhere "private".
Don't accept drinks, snacks or even sweets from strangers -
a common crime here is to drug victims and then rifle their hotel rooms.
Don't wander the streets at night - take a taxi, even for short trips. Taxis are everywhere, and they are cheap.
In gay clubs, guard your wallet etc - especially in darkrooms.
Farme de Amoedo in Ipanema attracts local TV stars, gays and
lesbians, and international gay celebrities. This area is very easy to find -
the beach vendors fly rainbow flags to guide you in.

This is also Barbie Land. Barbie is a term used by locals to describe rich,
muscular, gorgeous gay men who like to strut their stuff here. On Sundays
they organise gay volleyball matches - fantastic!

Copacabana there's an area known as Bolsa, that is also popular with
gay men. You'll find it right across from the Hotel Copacabana Palace, a
landmark building dating back to the 1920's.

Warning: Sex on the beach is an absolute no-no.
Lewd behaviour in public places is a crime here, punishable by prison time
- so don't be tempted.
Gay Rio Bars & Clubs
The Week -  Near the international airport. Attracts thousands of topless "barbies". Cutting edge dance music. Top
international DJs.
00 (Zero Zero) - Meeting place for rich local cuties. Excellent bar and restaurant. Expensive but interesting.
Le Boy - Tourists, locals, drags, Barbies etc. Nice boy strippers. Also frequented by rent boys - so guard your
valuables in the dark room.
La Cueva - Designed to look just like a cave. Attracts bear crowd - unusual in Rio where body hair is almost unknown!
Gay Beaches in Rio