Gay Friendly Travel Guide to Asia
At we have rule - "If it's not genuinely gay welcoming - you won't find it on our site."
However, we have had to bend that rule in the case of Gay Friendly Travel in Asia.

It's true that Asia is opening its doors to gay travellers - but it would be naive to suggest that this is due to a sudden cultural awakening.
The pink pound/dollar/euro is opening the doors - the queers have wonga, and Asia wants a piece of it.

It's not ideal, but at least it allows us to visit fabulous places like China and Nepal without the fear of being arrested!
Thailand has long been known as the hub of
gay travel in Asia. Twenty years ago Thailand
was perfect - relaxed, friendly and cheap.
These days it has been "discovered" so
bargains are harder to find, and the locals
are cashing in on the tourists big-time.
But still a great destination.  
gay thailand
China is officially opening up to gay tourism.
This is due more to the power of the pink
dollar than to a sudden cultural awakening.
This may not be ideal, but it's a giant leap for
queer-kind, and China is a truly fabulous
place to visit.
gay-friendly china
Nepal is being touted by some as the next
gay mecca. It's not there yet, but things are
changing fast - and changing for the better.
A magnificent, fascinating destination, and
something of a culture-shock for westerners.
gay friendly guide to nepal
Japan never ceases to fascinate and amaze.
Gay tourists should have no problems here.
The older generation of Japanese people
will respect your privacy, and the youngsters,
who embrace all things decadent and
western, think that "queers are awesome!"
gay friendly guide to japan
The Philippines is made up of over 7000
islands - and many of them are just perfect.
The Philippines offers several gay-friendly
destinations - with vibrant gay scenes and
open-minded locals. But not everywhere
here is gay-friendly.
gay friendly guide to the philippines
Vietnam is a joy! Totally different from the
place depicted in so many American movies.
The scenery is breathtaking, the people are
friendly and forward-looking, and there is no
stigma attached to being a gay tourist. You'll
find nothing but friendship and respect here.
gay friendly guide to vietnam