Gay Friendly Travel Guide to Argentina
Gay Buenos Aires
In Buenos Aires you can tango naked with an endless selection of perfect partners.
Or you can keep your hat on! But if a naked tango is not your thing, don't despair.
There are plenty of other ways to strut your stuff in this, the most gay friendly city in South America.
You can eat and drink in any of the stylish restaurants, cafes and bars around the city centre.
The locals are open-minded and won't care at all about your sexuality - as long as you look good!
There are also lots of gay bars, restaurants and clubs, several saunas, and plenty of gay parties.
See below for a list of our favourite venues.
Buenos Aires Gay Bars & Clubs
Sitges - biggest Gay bar in Buenos Aires. Mixed crowd, gays and lesbians, Drag shows on weekdays. Crowded at weekends after 1 AM.
Chueca Downtown - gay restaurant / bar and pre-dance meeting place at weekends.
Parada Obligada - gay bar with dark room. Bears, cubs, daddies.
Bach Bar - Attracts some gay men, but is mostly a lesbian bar. Tendy and very popular with local lesbians and tourists.
Glam - two gay bars and a darkroom. Lots of beautiful men in their 20s and 30s. Great fun, but can get very crowded.
Angels - gay dance club with two dance-floors and a dark-room. Attracts lower income crowd, including lots of immigrants.
Zoom - Cruising bar/sauna with cabins, darkrooms, play areas and a maze.
Nagasaki Men's Club - gay sauna, voyeur basement, relaxing area, whirpool, sex bar, darkroom.
Toms - Gay sex club. DVD Booths, Glory Holes and special windows - an intricate maze - darkroom and a leather basement.
Unikus Spa - Gay sauna. Very popular meeting place.
Mar del Plata is Argentina's biggest beach resort. A major city with a large resident population.
Popular with gay men - growing gay beach scene at La Caseta beach - and some decent nightlife.
Argentina offers a sophisticated, fascinating mix of Latin-American flair and European-style culture.
There is fabulous scenery everywhere - from the mighty Iguazú Falls, to the incredible landscapes of Patagonia.
From the towering Andes Mountains, to the glorious Atlantic coastline - Argentina is a truly stunning place to visit.

Although Argentina is primarily a catholic country, the people here are forward-looking and open minded.
Argentina is one of just ten countries on the planet to fully recognise same-sex marriage as a human right.

The centre of gay activity here is Buenos Aires - a gorgeous city with wonderful architecture, and a great night life.

Residents of Buenos Aires are known as
Porteños, and they are among the most style-conscious people in the world.
Image is everything here, and dressing to kill is not just for special occasions - Porteños look fabulous all of the time!
This is a city with a rich culture - and plenty to see and do. Gay city tours are available and are highly recommended.