Gay Friendly Travel Guide to Sydney Australia
The gay and lesbian communities in Sydney have a confident, powerful, almost cocky voice that proclaims
"We're queer, we're here - and you had better get used to it - because we are here to stay!"

The gay and lesbian scenes here are incredibly strong - and due to the influx of Latino and Asian immigrants in recent
years, Sydney's scenes are among the most multi-cutlural in the world. Gay men and women feel right at home here.

Most of the gay action can be found around Oxford Street, Darlinghurst.
At night this area throbs with gay excitement in the great choice of clubs, restaurants and pubs.

This is also where the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade happens in March, drawing up to half a million GLBT
visitors from all around the world. What a party!

Bondi Beach is, of course, world famous for it's perfect sand, perfect surf and perfect bodies - and it is very, very gay!
Lady Jane Beach is an exhibitionist nudist beach - clothing is seriously frowned-upon - and a hot cruising ground.
Where to Stay and Play in Sydney Australia.
Sydney has a wealth of gay-friendly hotels, hostels and guest-houses. You can check out the best of them here...

When it comes to play, Sydney will not disappoint you. Just head for Oxford Street and Taylor Square.
Here you will find plenty of free information - maps, magazines, pamphlets etc to guide you.
There are lots of gay pubs and clubs here too - from moderate to hard-core! Read about our favourites

And of course there are the beaches!
Tone those muscles, top up that tan and hit the hot, hot sand. With or without a swimsuit!
gay sydney beaches...