Gay Friendly Travel Guide to Cairns Australia
About Cairns...
Located in beautiful Trinity Bay in the far north of Queensland, Cairns is the perfect gay tropical paradise.
Close to The Great Barrier Reef in the Coral Sea, Cairns has gorgeous beaches, warm tropical waters, and fabulous weather.

The atmosphere is laid-back and relaxed - a place to swim, dive, sail, or simply cruise!
Cairns is very gay, and is popular with gay men and women as a place to relax and unwind after a wild time partying in Sydney.
This is especially true after the Sydney gay mardi-gras. They call it "The post Sydney Mardi Gras recovery week!"

Cairns has its own Tropical Pride Festival held in August - when the Splash Pool Party and Pride Dance parties are held.

Cairns offers gay visitors some excellent
accommodation.  From gay camping grounds to five star resort hotels.

There are beaches to die for here - including two gay nudist beaches (Buchans Point and Turtle Cove).
Turtle Cove is world famous as a gay & lesbian, adults only, clothing optional, tropical beach resort.

Nightlife: There are no exclusively gay or lesbian venues in Cairns - the whole scene here is mixed and totally gay friendly.

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Note: When people talk about Cairns, they are usually referring to the general area - not specifically to Cairns City.
For a more detailed explanation and a map of the Cairns area - click