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Demanding Equality & Respect for Gay Travellers
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Travel Equality
Travel is the next Queer Frontier.
We live on a wonderful planet - and we should be able to explore and enjoy it - openly.
We call it "Travel Equality". In much of the world It doesn't exist - but it will!

The world of gay-travel IS opening up - but not always for the right reasons.
The attitude of many people in the tourism-industry is...
"Queers have careers - and disposable incomes. If we tolerate them - we could make a pretty penny!"

Many businesses are happy to take our money - but they don't really want us around.

Here at Gay Friendly Guide we address this attitude - aggressively.
If a business is not genuinely gay-welcoming - you won't find it on Gay Friendly Guide.

When looking for places to stay...
Don't put too much trust in the big booking agencies - or the general accommodation listing sites.
Many are cashing in on the pink dollar/euro/pound and listing just about any hotel that declares itself "Gay Friendly".

A lot of these hotels are nothing like gay friendly - they just want your money!

Here at we have started to make recommendations - genuinely gay-friendly accommodations.
It was never our intention to do this - but we get so many e-mails asking for accommodation advice...
And we don't like the way the booking-agencies and listing sites are behaving.

For true gay-friendly accommodation - you can trust our recommendations.